Web Services T&Cs

Setup & Plugins

Custom sites are built with a core range of plugins to avoid the high costs associated with building a site using a complete custom theme. These plugins contain professional, clean code to retain fast page speed loading times and quality site build. These plugins essentially replace the need for a custom built theme. Contrary to what is said about plugins, these don’t slow down the website as we balance these with a theme that is super light, meaning page speed isn’t effected.

Supplement to this, using these core range plugins lower ongoing developer maintenance costs associated with updating complex custom theme code. Plus, they are being consistently updated inline with the latest WordPress versions meaning, theoretically, your website has teams of world class developers updating your site every update.

The core range of plugins we use require a yearly license fee to remain ‘updatable’. Although having a license is not compulsory for the plugin to work (it doesn’t disappear), regularly updating plugins reduce potential compatibility issues with WordPress. Creating a WordPress site doesn’t just mean, create it and hand it over and it’s done. It will require ongoing maintenance & updating. We take care of all the licensing for the first 12 months, as this is built into the initial proposal, as we have to acquire these to build your site in the first instance.

The core range of plugins used can vary, but tend to be between 1-4 plugins.

We can send out a reminder to you when they are ready for renewal, as the brand owner, is ultimately responsible for keeping your website updated and renewing licenses post launch.

Alternatively we can take care of this for you which is why we offer a Website Aftercare Service, where we take care of the updates for you and any licensing you’ll need. We can carry out updates monthly or every 3 months (if you wish) based on your budget and website complexity. This not only gives you peace of mind that your site is current, regularly updated and fully functional but we will automatically take care of renewing any licensing required for no additional cost for as long as you are with our Aftercare Service. This is a more cost effective solution and gives you peace of mind that the backend of your site is fully updated at all times. See our Website Aftercare section for more details.

Depending on any bespoke functionality required, we may need to purchase additional plugins. These will be advised and quoted for at Stage 3, the cost will be dependent on the plugin required and the associated license. We can arrange for these licenses to be in your name and update these within our Aftercare Service



What Do We Mean By ‘Core Range’?

Essentially, these are the plugins we load onto your website so it provides the basic functionality for your website to work. Some circumstances require the use of other third-party plugins for specific functionality. Pro versions of plugins require either a one-off payment and/or yearly fees. Until the functionality is implemented, it’s not easy to tell whether free or paid plugins are required at the time of a proposal.

We will always try to use a free recommended alternative where suitable. Those that require a license must be purchased by the client but we can help and advise.



Website Aftercare

We offer this service because quite often, after the euphoria of getting your business online the backend can quickly be ignored. Updates are happening all the time and you need to ensure that the your site is kept up-to-date to guarantee the full functionality of your site post-launch.

Although this is not compulsory, it’s recommended in order to ensure after periodic updates from WordPress that the theme and plugins are updated and functional making sure the frontend works and the user gets the best experience possible. Failure to keep the website updated and checked could result in wider issues such as security breaches, desktop/mobile compatibility issues, slower page speed (which affects the ranking of the website) and on-page errors such as problems with contact form submissions, special plugin functions and links for example.

There are 2 packages, see next page. For each of the packages we will manually update the theme and plugins, plus check the functionality of core elements such as website contact forms, links and the general structure of the website on both desktop and mobile to ensure it continues to operate as it did retrospectively when the website was launched. During these checks, minor issues will be fixed. Any major issues or bigger fixes will be flagged and presented to the client on discovery, from there a quote will be provided to fully fix the problem.

You will be advised if any changes will effect the frontend but in most minor cases they shouldn’t.

However unlikely and despite using industry-recommended and reliable themes/plugins to reduce the risk of future issues, we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that no issues will arise in the future, after the creation of the website.

If you use our Website Aftercare service we will also continue to renew the licensing required, without any extra fee, to update the core range of plugins.

Our Website Aftercare service does not include a security package. For higher-traffic websites, we recommend taking out a third-party cloud monitoring and protection service such as Sucuri for peace of mind. These platforms regularly check websites for hacks and implements practices to prevent future attacks. Please ask us for more information if you would like us to provide this or hosting solutions on your behalf.




Small Websites

Checks are completed at least once a month throughout the year, especially whenever there is a major WordPress update. Suitable for businesses with smaller websites (approx. 8 pages) with minimal special functionality (i.e. a simple contact form for example) and low traffic.

£55 a month

NB. This is a subscription service every month but you can opt out at any time. You can choose to pay yearly as a one lump sum and get a month free. If you want this package but have more than 8 pages we can review and provide a tailored quote or we can provide a 3 monthly check but this is not recommended as the more gaps between checks and updates the more issues may arise and therefore a higher risk of major fixes that will incur additional costs..


Larger Websites

Checks are completed at least once a month throughout the year, especially whenever there is a major WordPress update. This is advised for businesses with larger websites (more than 8 pages for example) with various functionality (interactive elements and animations for example) and with higher traffic.

£85 a month

NB. This is a subscription service every month but you can opt out at any time. You can choose to pay yearly as a one lump sum and get a month free. If you want this package but have 20+ pages we can review and provide a tailored quote.



Why Are These Plugins/Themes Asking Me For A License Key?
At times we may use GPL plugins, which are covered under a general public license. Some developers ask for a direct license fee as well so that the plugin or theme can be easily updatable or so that you can register for support or templates. If you are using our Website Aftercare Service or within your initial 12 months, please ignore it. This is because we take care of all support, updates on your behalf, plus extra features such as templates are not required with a custom build. The item itself will still work perfectly fine without a the license direct from the developer and we can assure you that everything can be updated either via us or via yourself if you are updating manually (within the first 12 months).

If you are not using our Website Aftercare Service we recommend purchasing licenses direct from the develop so you can gain access to support and easy-automatic updates on the backend.

Launching Your Site


We are happy to use your current hosting or if you wish to renew or setup hosting for the first time, we can usually get a competitive rate from a trusted hosting provider and help arrange this for you. If you would like us to take care of all your hosting we may be able to host your website for you.

All we need to know to get started is your estimated monthly traffic.


It’s worth noting that prior to the launch of the website the importance of a plan of action. It is all very well having a presence online but how will it get seen? We need to make sure it not only gets picked up by Google but is also found by prospective customers. There are a few initial steps we’d take you through to make sure:

a) the website is optimised correctly

b) there is a strategy for content on the site

c) to build initial authority on the website to get it noticed by Google and prospective customers

Campaigns do vary, so there is no one campaign we’d recommend at this point. We’d essentially set up a consultation nearer the time to work out the best strategy going forward – the keyword audit will be essential to complete prior to this.